It might seem silly to think of our hands as tools, but for construction workers, landscapers, and other manual laborers, hands are an essential tool for getting their job done. These workers are also at the highest risk of sustaining a severe hand injury out of any profession. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 1 million workers per year go to the emergency room because of a serious hand injury, which is not cheap either. Deep cuts, severed tendons, stitches, and broken bones can cost tens-to-thousands of dollars when treated properly.

While many of these injuries are unavoidable, there are certain precautions and measures that you can take to reduce your risk:

  1. Wear Gloves – Whenever you are dealing with power tools, metal beams, or an unfamiliar surface, a pair of gloves might be the difference between a regular day on the job and a trip to the emergency room. A thick pair of gloves is a great way to protect against cuts from sharp objects or getting poked by a loose nail, so it is important to wear them at all times when using your hands at work.
  2. Pay Attention – One of the easiest ways to get hurt at work is by something that you don’t see coming. Whenever you are operating heavy machinery or doing something as simple as drilling in a screw, it is important to stay alert and focused on the task at hand.
  3. Look Out for New Employees – New, younger workers are the highest risk individuals among any laborers. They are often inexperienced and untrained, so their knowledge of the tools and environment around them can be inadequate. It is important to create a work environment that is comfortable for less experienced workers, so they are not rushed into a task where they might end up getting hurt.

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