In what is being handled by the White House as an “act of terror”, three people were killed and over 100 more injured after two explosions went off amidst spectators at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. In the melee that followed, the seriousness of the attack quickly became apparent, with witnesses describing blood covered sidewalks and victims with severed limbs.

In the aftermath of the attack, no one has been arrested and security forces are still trying to determine whether the source of the attack is foreign or domestic. President Obama has promised to find those behind this event and hold them responsible for their actions.

As runners were crossing the finish line, a fireball and smoke rose from behind cheering spectators, the impact of the blast knocking many to the ground, as seen in several videos. A second blast further up the street went off just after the first. Witnesses described the scene as a war zone: blood and body parts littered the street and sidewalk, with many victims losing their legs.

First responders rushed to the scene to help, with ambulances lining up for blocks as people were carried in others’ arms, in wheelchairs, and on stretchers to the waiting vehicles. Photographs of the scene , many graphic, show first responders, spectators, and runners helping victims, as well as holding and consoling one another.

Three people have been confirmed dead, including an 8-year-old boy. Several others are in critical condition. Click here for the latest updates on the attack .

Our attorneys at Boudreau & Nisivaco send their thoughts to all those affected by the Boston Marathon explosions. Our personal injury attorneys witness firsthand the effects an injury or death can have on the victim and his or her family. An injury suffered during such a tragic, publicized event will have a lasting impact both physically and emotionally for the victims and spectators. This event has not only affected the lives of those who were there to witness the tragedy firsthand; it has affected the entire nation.

Managing partner John Nisivaco also understands how heroic the first responders were, rushing to the scene and putting their own lives at risk. As the brother of a Lieutenant for the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) and the son of a retired Deputy District Chief for the CFD, John Nisivaco is all too familiar with the selfless acts of first responders. He sends his deepest condolences to all those affected by this tragedy.