Medical costs and vehicle repair bills after a car accident are sure to be expensive. Low speed collisions that cause minor to moderate injuries can still reach into the thousands for your full recovery. All of the costs can pile up even quicker than expected due to the fact that you probably can’t go to work and earn a regular paycheck due to your debilitating injuries. If you are lucky, you might be given disability benefits while you heal but those are usually minimal and nothing compared to your actual salary.

It brings up an important question: can you get compensation for missed work due to a car accident? Or is disability about as much as you can expect?

Work Hard, Rest Hard

You undoubtedly put in real effort at work to earn your paycheck. It is pretty unfair to think that all of your hard work would go to waste if you were taken out of the occupational scene due to the negligence of another driver. To this extent, you can actually sue them not only for upfront costs and expenses related to your recovery but also for any paychecks you are expected to miss along the way. You will need the assistance of a medical professional to determine just how many weeks or months it will take for you to get back to normal again, and then extrapolate that information to a dollar amount.

For example: You make $400 a week as a crewmember who stocks the sales floor, requiring physical labor. A reckless driver T-bones your car, breaking your arm, and rendering you unable to continue your regular work functions. It is expected to take 10 weeks for your arm to fully recover. In addition to the costs required to repair your vehicle and take care of your medical expenses, you would want to also seek another $4,000 for the missed work.

Keep in mind that the wages you miss are not the only way your job could be affected by your accident. You may be overlooked for certain promotions or bonuses due to your debilitation or days absent. If this occurs, let your lawyer know as you may also be able to sue for damages related to diminished earning potential.

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