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NBC has reported that more than 15 people have been injured in a CTA bus accident in Chicago. Per NBC, one of the victims was taken to the hospital and listed in critical condition. The crash took place right before 9:00 pm between Chicago Avenue and Lorel. The cause of the accident is not yet known, but accidents like this pose potential issues for injury victims. When government or commercial vehicles, and or drivers, are the cause of a crash it can be an uphill battle getting paid for your injuries.

Chicago bus accident injury lawyer John Nisivaco has over 20 plus years of legal experience. Mr. Nisivaco is an experienced and tenacious litigation lawyer. Super Lawyers has recognized John as a top-rated personal injury attorney in Chicago. While there are lots of injury lawyers in Chicago, not all of them have the trial experience of taking on complex accident cases. Our law firm does, and in fact, we’ve won a record-setting $55 million dollar settlement for a train accident victim.

When you and your family are facing a serious injury claim, turn to a law firm with a proven track record of success. Turn to Boudreau & Nisivaco. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the potential problems that can arise when dealing with complex accident cases.

What Constitutes as a Complex Injury Case? 

There is no actual way the law differentiates between a common injury case and a complex one. Again, as always, our website and our articles do not provide legal advice. The information found here is simply our opinion, which is based upon our multiple decades handling injury cases. With that said most injury lawyers (including our firm) place cases into two categories. Basic, or common cases, and those that fall under the complex category.

Basic fender benders or a simple slip and falls are usually pretty straight forward. Someone has been hurt due to someone else’s negligence. There is significant evidence and the party who caused the accident isn’t really arguing their fault. Wouldn’t it be nice if every case were this simple? Unfortnelty, sometimes there are cases where there isn’t a lot of evidence. Or worse, the party at fault is trying to wiggle out of taking the blame. In addition, accidents sometimes have multiple moving parts such as multiple parties at fault, or accidents involving medical malpractice and wrongful death claims.

Let’s take a minute to examine some types of cases our law firm categorizes as complex injury claims.

Permanent or Long Term Disability Injury Claims 

Sometimes accidents cause injuries that are so severe that they affect your way of life. Think about all of the things you do each day. You take the kids to school, to practice. You go to work. What happens if your loved one has suffered a serious spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury? If you, or a loved one, have been hurt so bad that you cannot work or function the way you used to, you may need to look at permanent or long term disability injury claims.

These types of injury claims cause insurance companies to panic. One theme you will notice throughout this article is that insurance companies tend to “lose their cool” when they are facing a large financial exposure. Permanent disability, or long term care claims, usually requires an insurance company to pay out hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Hiring a Chicago injury lawyer to handle a case of this nature may be beneficial.

Medical Malpractice and Suing a Doctor 

In our opinion, one of the toughest injury cases to win deals with medical malpractice. These types of injury lawsuits present a slew of potential pitfalls. First and foremost, you must prove medical negligence. Second, most of these types of cases go to trial. That means an injury lawyer must also win a jury over. Sometimes jury members get weary of a victim claim med-mal. They may not want to go hard on a doctor who is claiming the victim is simply out looking for a big payday. Juries can get jealous, so winning a jury over takes a lot of work. Finally, we need to find a medical professional, or a few of them, who are willing to testify against one of their own that they made a mistake and are negligent.

Once again, these types of injury lawsuits are usually requesting high six and seven-figure payouts. Insurance companies make billions, if not trillions of dollars a year, by collecting premium payments. They lose money by paying out on large injury claims. A Chicago injury lawyer may make a big difference when attempting to file a medical malpractice claim.

Accidents Involving Commerical Vehicles 

Accidents involving commercial vehicles can get complicated quickly. When you get hit by large 18-wheeler, FedEx, or UPS truck you’re being injured by a commercial driver. As we mentioned earlier, money seems to be the underlying reason as to why certain injury claims cause complications. However, when dealing with accidents involving commercial vehicles there is a secondary trigger.

See, major corporations like FedEx and Amazon, and even the United States Postal Service, will “pony up” for big-time lawyers. Big businesses and the Federal Government have deep pockets to protect themselves from large injury lawsuits. Hiring a Chicago personal injury lawyer to represent your claim shows you mean business.

The case we mentioned earlier in this article is a good example. Who would you sue? The bus driver, the city of Chicago? These are all relevant targets. Chicago bus accident injury lawyer John Nisivaco is here to answer any questions you may have about this particular accident or any injury you’ve sustained due to the negligence of a commercial driver.

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