Most people know the dangers of normal cigarettes, but you may not know the harmful effects that E-Cigarettes may cause. Many people, especially young people, use E-Cigarettes without understanding the true danger of their actions.

Electronic cigarettes, also known as E-Cigarettes, are electronic devices that give the user the sensation of smoking without the existence of tobacco. These battery powered devices work by the user inhaling a flavored aerosol. There are many other harmful chemicals that vary in the making of E-Cigarettes. This is due to lose regulations on the production of these devices, but the FDA conducted a study that showed that electronic cigarettes “possessed detectable levels of cancer causing chemicals.” Similarl to traditional cigarettes, nicotine is a known chemical in the making of many electronic cigarettes. The chemicals of these E-Cigarettes are harmful, but they aren’t the only things that are dangerous about them.

A recent incident involving E-Cigarettes shows the dangers in the E-Cigarette devices themselves. A woman in Florida claimed to have been using an electronic cigarette in her car when it suddenly exploded, causing burns to her face, torso, and hand, the loss of teeth, and her car erupted in flames as a result of the explosion of the device. There have been many more reported injuries due to exploding E-Cigarettes. The selling of these faulty electronic cigarettes may lead to legal liability for the company where you could receive compensation for your injuries caused by it and time missed from work due to injuries.

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