File a Car Accident Injury Claim in Chicago

Chicago has more traffic than nearly every other city in the United States. In fact, our streets are so congested and overcrowded that we ranked number 2 on Forbes worst city traffic. Number three was Los Angeles, that’s how bad it is here. With all of the vehicles zipping throughout our city, auto accidents are going to happen. If you’ve been hurt in a car crash, and you want to file a car accident injury claim in Chicago, give us a call.

Boudreau & Nisivaco is an award-winning Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm. Our Chicago Injury Attorneys have over 40 years of combined legal experience. If you’ve been injured in a vehicle-related accident you may have much more than medical expenses. Too often car crash injuries cause severe accidents, and those types of injuries can cause you to miss work. If you’re too hurt to work you may need financial assistance with everyday living expenses.

If you’re hurt, cannot work, and are stressing out over bills than call our law firm now. We can help analyze your car accident injury case.

Financial Compensation After a Car Accident Injury 

Most of the clients who call us are stressed out. Injuries can create all sorts of concerns, and unanswered concerns can raise anxiety levels. Out of all of the questions we get, the majority of them relate to financial issues. Let’s face it, injuries can put a lot of stress on you and your family. First off, you need to heal from your injuries. This requires medical attention, rest, and possibly physical therapy. Sounds expensive right? That’s because it is.

However, most of our clients have far more than just medical expenses. Your rent, mortgage, and car payments won’t pay themselves. The electric and gas company don’t care that you cannot work. More worrisome, if you have kids they still need to eat and require attention and financial support. Our job is to fight to get you the MAXIMUM amount of financial compensation after a car accident injury.

How do I file a Car Accident Injury Claim? 

Before you worry about filing a car accident injury claim we suggest seeking medical attention. So many times clients call us RIGHT after a crash. There’s no problem with that, and we are always here to help. However, we always recommend that injury victims get medical attention first. Right after sustaining an injury you might want to get checked out by a doctor. Only a licensed medical professional can determine your level of injuries.

After you seek medical attention, and you are medically stable, we can go to work. Prior to filing an auto accident injury claim, we need to gather information. Mr. Nisivaco is a top-rated Chicago Injury Lawyer. He will meet with you one on one to discuss your case. By gathering information he can determine the best legal course of action.

How Much is my Car Accident Injury Case Worth? 

The second most asked question we get is “How Much is my Car Accident Case Worth” and it makes perfect sense. Like we mentioned above, injuries can be extremely expensive. While no attorney can guarantee a settlement, nor can a lawyer promise a specific amount of money, it is possible to come up with estimates. An injury attorney may be able to use specific data from your crash and injury report to calculate a theoretical estimate of a potential settlement value.

Mr. Nisivaco will gather information from you. During your free injury consultation, you can ask all of the questions you want. John believes that by addressing your concerns it may help lower your anxiety. Call our law firm today if you have questions about a car accident injury claim.

Personal Injury Attorney Fees 

As always, our firm charges no money upfront from our clients. Any Personal Injury Attorney fees we collect ONLY come from the settlement funds. This means our clients never pay us a penny out of their pocket. More importantly, we are only paid if we win. This means we are financially vested to do everything we can to obtain a settlement that is satisfactory to you. If you would like to talk with our law firm we do offer a free consultation. Call us now.

Why Hire an Attorney to File a Car Accident Injury Claim in Chicago?

Good question, the truth is that you do not have to hire an injury lawyer. However, you may want to. See, insurance companies are financial firms. Yes, we all want to believe that our insurance company will be there when we need them most. After all, that’s why we pay our monthly insurance payments. Sadly, most insurance companies fight injury claims. Over the last few years, there’s been a big increase in insurance fraud. This causes insurance underwriters to question everything.

The insurance company handling your claim is going to review your case. An underwriter or adjuster may try to fund ways to not pay your claim. In fact, they may even have their attorneys fight your claim in court. This is why you may want to hire a Personal Injury Attorney to submit and manage your claim. Chicago Injury Attorneys Allan Boudreau and John Nisivaco fight for your financial rights after a car crash injury.