Getting Paid The Most Money After a Car Crash in Chicago

Chicago Injury Lawyer John Nisivicao has helped win over $100,000,000.00 for auto accident victims. Mr. Nisivaco and his law firm partner, Mr. Boudreau, have over 50 years of combined legal experience. Both our litigation lawyers hold perfect 10 Avvo ratings and have won numerous awards for their work handling injury claims. If you have questions about getting paid the most money after a car crash in Chicago, call us. We’ve been handling car accident injury lawsuits for over 3 decades.

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Chicago Car Crash Attorneys 

Winter is here. We live in Chicago. You know the drill very well. Freezing rain, snow, and icy roads make traveling to and from places nearly impossible. Only making matters worse are holiday parties and irresponsible people who get behind the wheel after too many drinks. Accidents can and will happen during the holiday months. There are a plethora of reasons why you may want to reach out to Chicago car crash attorneys after an accident. Getting paid the most money after a car crash in Chicago might be number one.

Look, there is nothing we can do, nothing you can do, to make driving 100% safe. There are certain elements out of everyone’s control. Bad weather, careless and reckless drivers, and overcrowded roads make this time of the year more dangerous. Yet, you have legal options. Accident injury victims may be entitled to monetary compensation. Call us now to find out how our Chicago car crash attorneys can fight to get you paid.

Car Crash News in Chicago and How to Avoid a Holiday Auto Accident 

First and foremost, our website never provides legal or medical advice. If you feel you need medical attention or car you should call 911 or go to the emergency room. Likewise, if you need legal assistance you may want to call an attorney. Our Chicago car crash attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at (312) 263-0300 if you want to learn more about getting paid the most money after a car crash in Chicago.

The opinions below are just that, opinions. Our law firm has been helping injury victims for over 55 combined years. Below you will find links to news stories about current vehicle-related crashes in Chicago as well as things we believe you can do to stay safe this holiday season.

Ambulance Involved Crash in Chicago 

CBS News published a story about an ambulance and a car colliding yesterday. The holidays do cause some people to drink too much, and as a result, emergency response teams may be out in full force. Playing music loud in the car or not focusing on your surroundings may hinder your ability to hear emergency vehicle sirens. Make sure to stay focused during the winter months while driving to avoid auto accidents.

Deadly Police Chases and Car Crashes 

ABC News reported a tragic story about a fatal accident involving a high-speed police chase. Chicago isn’t the safest place in the world. While our suburbs are sought after places to live and raise families, Downtown Chicago does have it’s fair share of crime. Police chases are nothing new to our city, and neither are accidents. Make sure to drive extra safe. Crime rises during the holidays.

Chicago Police Offer Ideas on How to Stay Safe 

The Chicago Police Department has published tips on how to stay safe during the holiday season. Remember, do not drink and drive. Don’t let family emotions run high and try to slow down a bit and enjoy the holidays. If you end up in an accident over the winter months, call us.

Free Car Accident Injury Case Review in Chicago  

If you’re looking for a free car accident injury case review in Chicago click here. John Nisivaco is a decorated injury attorney. We know that auto accident victims have lots of questions. Whether you’re worried about medical expenses, or rental car coverage, call John after an auto injury. Most clients are concerned about getting paid the most money after a car crash in Chicago. We’ve won over $100,000,000.00 for clients, Mr. Nisivaco now.