It is estimated that roughly 10% of all American adults experience some form of hearing loss. While many of these cases are due to age, illness, and genetics, others are caused directly by the dangerous acts of a negligent party. Due to the vagueness of hearing loss – it is extremely difficult to measure how much deterioration in hearing quality there actually has been – not many personal injury cases will address this problem, even though it is a very real concern.

If you have noticed that your quality of hearing has decreased and you believe someone else is the cause of it, you should take legal action. To increase your chances of success, it is important to first understand some of the most common sources of hearing loss when a negligent act is involved.

Terribly Loud Noises

This is clearly the most obvious cause of hearing loss but how it can be linked to negligence is not as straightforward. For some people, continual exposure to loud noises will create a gradual decline in hearing quality; the effects could be close to immediate or not be recognizable until years later. For example, lawn care workers who operate loud machinery yet are not given proper hearing protection might be able to file an injury claim against their employer.

In other instances, hearing loss injuries could be caused by a single event. A gunshot, an automobile backfiring, and a dangerous explosion are all well-known causes of severe hearing loss. If someone else is responsible for the event that made the deafening crash, you could have a case on your hands.

Head Injuries

Less commonplace but no less severe, head injuries can actually cause major hearing loss. Either brain injury or damage directly to the hearing canal can permanently deafen an individual, even from just one hit. While many forms of hearing loss might be treatable, those caused by head wounds might not be.

Did a falling object that should have been secured land on your head? Did you slip and fall on slick steps? Were you struck by a negligent driver in a car accident? If you were involved in any sort of painful incident that can be linked to another person’s wrongdoing, you could have a personal injury claim that addresses your hearing loss.

The most difficult part of any personal injury claim is actually gathering enough evidence to prove that the responsible party should be held accountable for paying for your treatments and general wellbeing. For hearing loss injuries, this is especially true due to the obscurity of the injury itself. If you need help backing up your claims and seeking proper compensation, contact the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Boudreau & Nisivaco, LLC today. Our highly experienced team can sit down with you during a free case evaluation, discuss what happened to you, and start constructing you a solid case that respects your rights and wellbeing. Call 312.620.1261 for more information.