The danger of semi-trailer trucks is not something that should be ignored. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), injuries and fatalities caused by truck accidents are a serious problem across the country. Because semi-trailer trucks are larger than most other vehicles on the road, the injuries caused by accidents with these vehicles can be catastrophic. These trucks are massive vehicles, often times carrying oversized loads, so they are always something to be aware of.

Spilled load accidents involve a semi-trailer’s cargo becoming dislodged and spreading across the road. In television shows and movies they are displayed as a harmless, comical event, but they are a serious problem in reality. No matter what the truck is carrying, there is a serious danger for the other drivers.

Trucks can spill any number of things that cause hazards on the road, including, for example:

  • Rocks and soil;
  • Chemicals and hazardous liquids;
  • Trash (Broken glass, debris, rotten food);
  • Concrete and other building materials; or
  • Crude oil or gasoline.

These types of accidents present a number of problems for other motorists on the road. They may cause them to swerve or slam on the breaks to avoid the spill, which can quite possibly lead to an accident and injuries.

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