Ever since the July 2016 release of the smartphone application Pokémon Go, millions of people around the world have downloaded the free-to-play game and begun their own real-life Pokémon hunting adventures, sometimes to obsessive lengths. Through the app’s clever use of augmented reality and GPS functionality, players can now find, catch, and train the digital monsters during their daily travels, with the application making them appear as if they were right in front of players. While this sounds like good fun on the surface, the game unfortunately also comes with a high potential for danger.

Traffic Accidents From PokÉmon Go

As a result of the game’s addicting qualities and constant push for players to “catch ‘em all,” several reports have surfaced of players being injured due to a lack of inattention to their surroundings. Playing Pokémon Go while driving is the newest dangerous form of distracted driving, having been the cause of numerous devastating car accidents and pedestrian accidents. In mid-July, an Auburn, NY man who was trying to catch Pokémon while driving at night swerved into a tree and totaled his vehicle, while later that week a distracted player in Baltimoredrove his vehicle into the back of a police officer’s vehicle. It is unknown how many other collisions have been caused by distracted players.

Pedestrians Injured While Playing PokÉmon Go

The game is so addicting that it has some players willingly walking into traffic while staring at their phones to catch the monsters, such as in the case of a Pennsylvania teen who was hospitalized after being struck by a car while crossing a highway at night. According to the girl’s mother, the game is to blame for her daughter’s accident – not because she was playing while crossing the street, but that the game lured her to an area where she shouldn’t have been in the first place.

Other instances of pedestrian injuries include two men who fell off a 90-foot ocean bluff in San Diego, along with one Reddit user who confessed to have broken their foot after falling down a ditch while playing the game. Even more concerning is the game’s “lure module” feature, which has already been used to draw players into secluded areas to be robbed. According to USA today, it is believed that a group of Missouri teens have used the feature to commit at least 10 different muggings and assaults throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

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