For many of us, the summer time and road trips go hand-in-hand. Whether you want to head south to sunny Florida or visit the Big Apple, setting out on our highways during the summer means dealing with all the other families doing the same thing. When the streets are congested and the sun is up, you should keep these helpful driving tips in mind to ensure a safe journey.

1.) Keep cool: Before you set out on a lengthy road trip, double check your coolant levels and cooling fan. The heat of the summer is sure to put extra stress on these components.

2.) Look cool: Sunglasses not only make you look cool, they also help fight off the sun’s blinding glare. Many people who are involved in a summer time accident report that they couldn’t see the collision coming until it was too late.

3.) Feel the pressure: In the growing heat of the summer, tire pressure can change drastically as the air inside them expands. Check your tire pressure whenever you have a lengthy stop during your road trip to avoid dangerous handling issues.

4.) Watch the weather: If there happens to be even a brief rainstorm, all the oil and dirt on the roadways will float to the surface, creating an unexpectedly slippery situation.

5.) Traffic trouble: There will be more drivers on the road, no matter your destination, so be mindful of your blind spots at all times. You should even plan your route ahead of time to help avoid areas of high congestion.

Even if you take all the precautions you can, other drivers probably have not, and accidents can occur. If you have been in a traffic collision, seek legal counsel from a Chicago personal injury attorney from Boudreau & Nisivaco, LLC today. We have 50+ years of combined experience with automobile accidents and have the knowledge necessary to seek the financial compensation you deserve.

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