Ridesharing is the new big thing, and using you phone to call an Uber or a Lyft ride is a lot more efficient and a lot less costly than trying to hail a cab. While there are some great benefits to taking an Uber of a Lyft ride, there are many disadvantages and risks associated with it as well.

A driver for a company like Uber may be trying to make a little extra money as a side job, but there are many full time workers who work for these companies as well. As a rider you may think that you are just going from point A to point B with someone who knows how to properly drive a car, but there is a lot more to it than you may think. An Uber driver is not required to get a chauffer’s license, and the background checks for drivers are not always thorough. Background checks in two major cities in the US failed to detect over 25 criminal records on hired drivers for Uber. This means that an innocent ride could turn into a nightmare. Along with not knowing the streets, a distracted driver for Uber or Lyft is not only a hazard to themselves, but they are a hazard to you. These risks are always things to keep in mind when stepping into a vehicle with a driver whom you do not know.

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