Construction sites are full of dangerous equipment and are hazardous at every turn. With constant deliveries of materials, heavy machinery, and workers looking to meet deadlines, it is no wonder that they are so dangerous. Most workers understand the dangers of working at a construction site, but this does not prevent them from being injured or killed. According to a federal statistic, twenty percent of all wrongful deaths occur in the construction industry.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the four most fatal things at construction sites are:

  1. Scaffolding and other elevated areas
  2. Electrical wires
  3. Falling debris
  4. Heavy machinery crushing the victim

Ways to prevent these wrongful deaths or injuries are:

  • Making sure scaffolds are properly constructed and that you are secured to them
  • Making sure that tools are properly secured
  • Keep your distance when working near overhead wires
  • Using guards for safety when using tools and machinery
  • Wear helmets at all times for protection against falling objects
  • Be aware of all moving machinery and tight spaces where you may become stuck and crushed

Lastly, if you have a child, ensure that he or she never enters a construction site, especially if they do not have the proper attire for safety.

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